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I Know Which Victory Party I Want To Go To

Gov. Owens announced today that Pete Coors would enter the fray for Ben Nighthorse Campbell's Senate seat. He went on to say that he intended to speak to Bob Schaffer to see if Schaffer intends to stay in the race.

This is a bizarre twist on an already strange story. The thing that seems obvious is that the powers that be do not really want a Schaffer-Salazar race, for whatever reason. That makes me think somebody's seen some numbers (or has a story) that they don't like.

Or, and I hate to be cynical, is it just that somebody at the national HQ has told Colorado not to expect much financial help, so find someone who can fund their own candidacy. The only reason I think that is that the two people that the Governor has pulled out of his hat--Liniger and Coors--are both very wealthy.

I don't really have a dog in this fight yet. I'd like to see some numbers that indicate who has the best chance of winning and keeping this seat, but I suspect it will be weeks before that happens.

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