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Did I Just Hear This Right?

Chris Matthews on Hardball just asked "Did President Bill Clinton approve a policy to assassinate Osama bin Laden? Contrary to opinion about his weakness, did the President take out a contract on the terror mastermind?"

I think the obvious answer is. . . wait for it . . . SO WHAT!!?! He never bothered to pull the trigger when he had him in his sights, so what difference does it make if he had a policy to take him out.

It's like the DeNiro gangster character in "Analyze This" and "That": nothing worse than a gangster-Hamlet. Picture Clinton in the Oval Office, film from the Predator still playing on the VCR:
"To shoot, or not to shoot: That is the question.
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the ongoing
Slings and arrows and explosives of outrageous fortune--
and al Qaeda--
Or to lash out, and by opposing, end them.

Hey, Hill. . . what's our exposure to litigation in the World Court if I shoot and miss? Should we send Madeleine over and see if we can arrange some sort of sit-down? Maybe I could swing over after meeting Kim il in Korea."

I think the point is NOT who talks about what, and who has what policies--the point is who does something about it. So far, the only people who have taken action are President Bush, Sec. Rumsfeld, and AG Ashcroft.

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