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Civic Duty Week

After attending the caucuses two nights ago, tonight I went to a public meeting held by CDOT to discuss the completion of the C470 Beltway around the northwest leg of the city.

The meeting was very well attended, with an estimated crowd of 250, and a great many of them had things to say. And though the general thought process was along the lines of "not in my backyard" (well represented by the Golden contingent in the group), there were some very good questions asked.

To my thinking, Denver's infrastructure is woefully inadequate to sustain the type of growth we've been seeing over the past two decades. And just looking around the neighborhood, I can honestly say that the building is far outpacing the infrastructure. So it seems like a no-brainer that we will--if not already do--need to complete the beltway around the northwest quadrant. And, while I understand the concerns of Golden residents about increased traffic through their city, I see few alternatives to swinging this road as far up against the hills as possible--in other words, right along the existing 93 corridor through Golden.

One amusing--and intriguing-- model has the final leg of the beltway tunneling underneath north and south Table Mountains. I'd like to see the cost figure on that one, though I like the concept. What the heck? What's another giant hole in the earth?

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