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To Clarify. . .

My interest in John Kerry's "Catholicism" is only partially theoligical--I think there is, on the horizon, a major storm brewing for so-called liberal Catholics like Chuck Schumer, Pat Leahy, Ted Kennedy, and Kerry.

But I would never presume to judge Kerry's status with God. The Church has made its position clear, and true believers hold that that constitutes a window into God's mind. I am neither qualified to make such an assessment, nor am I in such a position with my own Faith to spend a lot of time or energy worrying about anybody else's, save my children.

My interest in this story is mostly political. That storm I mentioned would have significant repercussions in Massachussetts, Pennsylvania, Ohio, upstate New York, and the Southwest, where Catholicism is a signifacant part of the culture. What seems to be happening is that the Catholic Bishops are now becoming a significant constituency in American politics.

I know there are Evangelicals who don't put a lot of stock in the Catholic Church or its moral authority; but I think the Church did play a role in the 2002 election, and as the cultural divide widens, it will be harder and harder for Catholic politicians to straddle the gulf.

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