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So You Wanna Fix the Tax Code,

I thought--maybe I'm wrong here--but haven't you been in the Senate for, like, 18 years? And just now you're coming up with a proposal to fix the tax code to be more jobs-friendly?

Oh, I see--your legislative record is not all that impressive. Only 6 bills passed in 18 years, and three of them strictly ceremonial. So I would expect you to have a much easier time with legislation as a President with a hostile Congress. Good plan.

And, by the way, 10 million jobs?? Where'd ya get that number from? Follow the logic--tax credits for one year for keeping assets in the US, while losing all the tax benefits in perpetuity from having offshore assets seems to mean actually lower corporate profits which leads to. . . the creation of 10 million jobs?

I'm anxiously awaiting the analysis of this plan by real economists and people who know this stuff well. I'm just some dumb schmuck with a computer--which, I'm pretty sure, is what Kerry is banking on.

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