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I saw the footage of the Todd Bertuzzi assault on Brian Moore first thing this morning, and have kind of been haunted by the images all day. There's every reason to think that Brian Moore may have been lucky to have the injuries he does have, rather than a crushed skull.

If the NHL were really serious about about dealing with this sort of ugliness, they would suspend Marc Crawford for the obligatory 15 games, and suspend Marc Bertuzzi for as long as Brian Moore is out. And that notwithstanding whatever criminal charges will be filed. Some of the ESPN wits were saying that this incident wasn't as bad as some recent events involving swinging the stick--I disagree. Of course a stick across the melon is violent and potentially very dangerous, but driving an undefended person face-down into the ice is almost certainly very dangerous.

By the way, I also saw the footage of the hit on Marcus Naslund that inspired the retaliation--I have a hard time seeing how this inspired so much anger. And let's keep in mind that these two teams have played a game in the interim since the Naslund hit. Bertuzzi didn't have the guts to drop the gloves and go toe-to-toe with Moore--he waited almost six periods of hockey until he had a clean, blind shot at Brian Moore.

Yeah, this guy has no business being on the ice until Brian Moore can return to the ice. And all prayers for a full and speedy recovery for Mr. Moore.

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