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Senate Passes Fetus Protection

This is encouraging. And that it passed 61-38 is somewhat impressive--including one NO vote from a certain Senator from Massachessetts.

I'm trying to remember the last time conservatives won a major social policy issue.

Sure, the proponents of this bill tried to reassure opponents that this wasn't about abortion rights. But it does open up a whole new sphere of jurisprudence: fetal abuse. If it is now a federal crime to harm an unborn child during the commission of a federal crime, wouldn't it now be a federal crime to, say, subject an unborn child to cocaine or heroin?

I'm sure this, too, will get tied up in the courts for a good long while. But its a great issue that draws a pretty broad consensus--and leaves the Boxers and the Feinsteins and the Murrays and the Kerrys on the wrong side of public opinion.

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