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Reflections On The Atrocities in Fallujah

Much of this is old thought, as friends of mine know. But, in light of the horrors perpetrated by the citizenry of Fallujah this day, I feel they bear repeating.

Americans must embrace the principle of Civis Americanus.

Two-thousand years ago a Roman citizen could walk the length and breadth of the known world without fear. Why? Because the world understood that the response for any action hostile to a Roman citizen would be devastation the likes of which they could barely imagine. It was a principle that has come to be known as Civis Romanus. In the 18th century, it was said that a British citizen travelling the world took with him the respect and the might of the British Empire, with similar results.

It is time that the Americans be free to rebuild these barbarian's country.

The price of actions like those today should be a rain of fire on a region the likes of which most petty cowards cannot begin to imagine. The price of supplying and shielding those same cowards must be devastating. And the price of ignoring the presence of those cowards in your midst must be harsh and unyielding. When people who are in your city trying to rebuild it get shot, immolated, dragged through the streets and hung from a bridge, your city forfeits its right to exist.

It is folly to pretend that Americans are merely other citizens in the the global community. We are hated for what we represent, simply because we are free. And, at that, we have the temerity to think that others would like to be free, too.

I do not advocate striking back like a terrorist. I advocate striking back like 100 terrorists. 1000 terrorists. 10,000 terrorists. 10,000 terrorists who have at their disposal the most sophisticated weaponry the world has ever known. 10,000 terrorists who have been trained to be the sharpest edge of any weapon any government has ever wielded. There should be no diplomacy or police action--there should be one violent slash with our terrible, swift sword and end the fool's game of pretending that we are less than we are.

The dragon has, until now, been fairly benevolent; every once in a while it must wake and breathe fire to remind the villagers that it is more than a myth.

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