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OPEC Placing A Vote For Kerry

So the OPEC ministers voted to cut production, likely driving the price of gas at the pump through the ceiling. Great.

Unfortunately for John Kerry, since he's on record as advocating a 50 cent increase in gas taxes, his comatose campaign can't even capitalize on this.

But it leads to another thought: if you really--really--want to change the world, invent a form of energy that is not internal combustion related. I'm not talking about advocating hybrid cars, which change the mileage by a factor of, what?, 1-1/2, 2? Imagine having a form of energy that would change the mileage in your car by a factor of 50 or 100. Obviously, it would have enormous economic benefits. But, more importantly, imagine having a Saudi royal family that was bankrupt, an Iran without the money to build nuclear plants, and an Arab world that was unable to hold the world hostage to its whims.

Just a thought. I'm just the idea guy, though--one of you engineers out there need to get to work on it.

This is one of the reasons I'm increasingly optimistic of space exploration. Somewhere out there we're going to find or figure out another way to do this, and its going to change the world.

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