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Much Ado About Nothing

I agree with most of what's been written about the silliness of the Dems complaints about the President's ads. Yes, they are that thin-skinned; yes, they are just trying to put up a firewall, etc, etc.

If they really want something to complain about, somebody should make this ad: Imagine if it was John Kerry at ground zero with the firefighters (I'm picturing South Park-like animation).

"We can't hear you!"
JK: Well, I'm sorry. You need to hear what I'm saying, so let's get that fixed.

"We can't hear you!"
JK: Yes, well, I can hear you, and I promise you that in due time we will form a commission to listen to all of your input, and we will work with our allies to understand everything you're saying

"We can't hear you!"
JK: . . .and we must continue to work through the United Nations. . .
"I said, we can't hear you!"
JK: . . .try to understand what we have done, what atrocities Americans have committed, that drives people to hate us. . .
"Hey! Still Can't Hear You!!"
JK: . . .I promise a full and thorough investigation into these horrible events, and I expect a vigorous prosecution from Attorney General Edwards. . .
"Hell with it; I'm going back to work"

Next: the Kerry address to the Joint Session of Congress.

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