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More On Clarke, ad nauseum

This thing is like a car wreck--it's tremendously distasteful, stomach-turning, and hackles-raising, but for some reason I can't turn away from it.

I think the party is right to move to declassify Clarke's testimony before the Congressional Joint Inquiry. Of course, the left will scream that that's just the hit machine at work again, the politics of personal destruction. Because its that sort of high-minded debate that allows them to make wild assertions with no credibility at all. Politics ain't tiddlywinks;the left has taken their big swing at the President, he has a right--almost an obligation--to answer that swing with one crisp jab right to the nose of the opposition.

To review: in the press backgrounder, Clarke has the choice of being political or being truthful--he chose political; before the Joint Inquiry, he had the choice of being political or being truthful--again, he chose political. And now, with his book flying to the shelves, he has the choice between being mercenary or being truthful--are we to now expect him to be truthful? Gimme a break.

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