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Not too worked up about anything today, so just a few quick shots:

:Iraqis think they're better off now than a year ago; meanwhile, Iranians and Syrians are reportedly making a forceful case for internal regime change; hmm. . .freedom may actually be breaking out all over.

:France is on high terror alert--I wonder what this looks like. Do the gendarme lace up their sneakers so as to be able to run away faster? Do they loosen their belts so as to be able to toss down their sidearms quicker?

:as much as I like and admire this President, the debate I really want to see is Cheney-Kerry.

:I think, as bad as Friday in Spain was, the real attack which failed was the one in Israel on Sunday which, had it gone as planned, could have killed thousands.

:I may be coming around a little to Hugh's view of Spain; remember, GW didn't "own" 9-11 until that day at ground zero with the firefighters, which, if memory serves, was five or six days later.

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