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Like a Laser

Obviously, a lot going on today, and all our thoughts and prayers go out to the Spanish government and Spanish people. I direct your attention to everybody else on my links list for lucid commentary on the event.

Two loosely linked thoughts: one Josh Micah Marshall has written ten posts in the last 24 hours, and only one of them is about the bombings; and one of us asked if this will lead the Europeans to start to see Islamofacism for what it is, and join us. Of the first, I think it symptomatic of the left that horrors such as these occupy so little space in their psyche, while trivialities like the leaked Senate memos are a huge issue. Of the second, I doubt it, for much of the same reasons as the first. In fact, I think it quite likely that the left will spin this as payback for Spain's support of the U.S. efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq. I think the political pressure on governments that supported us will be ratcheted up significantly, possibly crippling the coalition.

Of course, I hope not. I think it's very interesting that (if it really was them) al-Qaeda has directed all of its major attacks at countries other than the U.S., though we are obviously their number one target. And the Patriot Act is a bad thing why. . .?

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