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Iraq One Year Later

There are dozens of people better qualified to address this topic than I. . .

but that's never stopped me before.

So, from the simplistic outsider's view, I take the same approach as as I do for sports: scoreboard.
American dead: over 500--surely, a great tragedy, but well short of the dour predictions we heard before the war. Iraq then: a violent, horrid dictatorship; Iraq now: a Constitution passed, services returned, oil production back to normal, and the people hopeful. Elsewhere. . . Iran then: closed and repressive; Iran now: closed and repressive, but for a brief period when inspectors went in and found a thriving nuclear program. Libya then: busy building an enormous CBN program; Libya now: open to inspectors and dismantling their programs. Pakistan then: an ally with a thriving black market nuclear program; Pakistan now: an ally taking agressive action against al-Qaeda without the black market program.

On balance, I'd say the scoreboard looks pretty good for us.

Oh, and don't forget--still no terrorist strikes on US soil.

Knock on wood. . .

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