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I Had A Nightmare Today. . .

First, courtesy of Powerline, from one of the London papers:

Osama bin Laden ordered the alleged mastermind of the 9/11 attacks to organise a massive strike on Heathrow Airport to punish Tony Blair for his support of the US, it has been revealed.
He told his operations boss, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, to target the world's busiest airport at a meeting in Kabul soon after the attacks on the US, according to interrogation transcripts seen by Britain's Sunday Times.

Bin Laden described the British Prime Minister as his "principal enemy".

The claims by Mohammed, captured in Pakistan about a year ago, have reportedly been cross-checked with confessions by other al-Qaeda operatives.

Mohammed's account is the first confirmation of al-Qaeda's desire to strike Heathrow Airport. Planning for the attack, which involved operatives from Pakistan, was disrupted by the US bombing of al-Qaeda strongholds in Afghanistan.

He also reveals that al-Qaeda had originally planned to hijack 10 planes in the September 11 attacks, sending five against targets on the US west coast and five against the east. Potential targets included the Library Tower in Los Angeles and the Sears Tower in Chicago, as well as nuclear plants, Hollywood studios and bridges.

The west coast plans were foiled when Zacarias Moussaoui was arrested at a US flying school a month before September 11, the Sunday Times reported.

Then, as I was thinking about what to watch on TV this afternoon--after Duke holds on in a thriller and some 23-year old sinks a 10 footer to win the TPC (10 foot putt worth $600,000--no pressure)--and I'm mentally scrolling through the usual suspects of weekend afternoon cable movies, I scroll past "The Seige" in my thinking, and two things click together.

Remember that movie? Denzel Washington, Bruce Willis, Annette Benning. . . about a series of terrorist attacks that cause New York City to be put under marshal law. . . which leads to a massive protest. . .which becomes the final target of the terrorist cell. . .

Isn't there some big event in New York City this summer, say, late August/early September? And haven't huge numbers of organized idiots already proclaimed their intentions to protest that event, choking the streets with humanity and chaos?

al Qaeda has absolutely no compunctions about attacking the very people who wish we wouldn't do what we're doing--note the early targeting of New York and la la Town. I suspect they would love to be able to mirror art (though that might be giving that film too much credit) . . .

just my nightmare.

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