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Down to Business

So, it's official--John Kerry is the nominee. Here's hoping the President and his team start to campaign as if they have a real opponent.

Hugh was asking today about the two civilizations--the serious and the silly. I think he's right. The problem is that, as I have mentioned before, the silly get in your face with such passion that it cows the serious into behaing "nicely." I think that the serious are the larger part of the population, but you will never know it unless the serious begin to step away from their embarrassment and get back in the face of the silly--unapologetically--and make the case for their point of view.

I mean, come on--John Kerry wants to be the environment President, the education President, the civil rights President. All issues, but compared to the President's issues: American security, tax relief, and values reflective of the majority, John Kerry is a silly person.

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