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Did He Say That?

So John Kerry has given voice to what is so obviously the sentiment on the left. What is striking isn't that he believes this, but that he was willing to say it out loud.

Outraged? I'm barely surprised. This is the number one guy of a team that sends ambassadors (in the guise of goofy Congressmen) to Baghdad on the eve of war; this is the number one guy of the team that calls a judge who fought against the Klan in 1960s Mississippi a racist;

And, lest we forget, this is the number one guy of the team that just four years ago undertook a systemic effort to have the votes of our men and women in uniform discounted in Florida.

Hugh and the gents tried to deconstruct the comments and make the case for how wrong-headed and strident this is--also that it is symptomatic, rather than anomalous. I believe, rather, that the left is becoming either so emboldened by its successes or so tone deaf in its rage that it has turned off all the filters, and any normal process that would impede them from saying outrageous and irresponsible things just don't exist anymore. The result is that these angry thoughts start flying around unattended (as the Captian likes to say) like baseballs in a little league defensive drill.

If I wanted to go way out there, I'd say it was calculated. Think: Pres. Bush got some laughs and certainly wasn't hurt by his crack about Adam Clymer four years ago; and, in fact, the West Wing had a whole episode devoted to an 'open-miked' crack on your opponent and the upside to such an event. I would expect in the morning a non-denial denial (well, he didn't expect it would be for general consumption, and he said something he probably shouldn't have, as we all are prone to do from time to time. . .)--a head-fake towards an apology, while trying to frame the whole public debate for days to come in terms of the "lying" of this administration. I believe the Bush administration would be well-served to make as little of this as possible--even turn it around and deliver a whole series of "accidental" open mike cracks and self-deprecating jokes.

The only thing of significance here is that John Kerry has announced himself to be one in the same with the lunatic left. Big surprise, huh?

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