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What are they Thinking?

I'm trying to figure out why the Dems are trying to re-argue Vietnam and make it an issue. Even if actions 30 years ago were a strong indicator of the ability to make sound judgements today, my candidate's 3 years flying jets and 4 years as Commander-in-Chief trumps your candidate's four months as a speed boat commander.

And, please, don't think I'm disparaging John Kerry's service--I'm not at all. I respect that he was in theater, took fire and brought his men back alive. But I suspect it wasn't quite the way he's retelling the story.

And, by the way, every time one of them intimates that the President did not deserve an Honorable Discharge, they not only impugn the integrity of George W. Bush, but of his commanding officers, fellow reservists and the entire military. It may be okay to say he missed some time, but to go further implies a conspiracy at many levels of the military, and I can't imagine that's a winning formula.

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