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Talk About Your Bad Weeks. . .

I think if you asked the question in earnest "Who has had the worst two weeks--George W Bush or Howard Dean?" you would open up a lively debate.

The two new polls (courtesy RealClearPolitics) that show the President trailing John Kerry in a head to head matchup are certainly cause for concern. Last week when the Newsweek poll came out, I was skeptical. However, these new polls, while probably not definitive, certainly lend credence to the idea that Pres. Bush's re-election is far from a shoo-in.

As I blogged last week, I think this has a lot to do with the President's recent initiatives which all seem to be little more than pandering. In the process, he has abandoned the strength of his Presidency--his leadership--while courting constituencies who would never in a million years vote for him in significant enough numbers to tip the balance. On top of that, John Kerry is the "hot hand" right now, and people want to be associated with a winner, so he's enjoying quite a bump.

As to the earlier question: certainly President Bush has the advantage of being alive still. Howard Dean's only hope is, at best, Monty Python-esque (I'm Not Dead Yet!). Out of money, down in the polls, hopelessly off message. . .

At least the President isn't out of money.

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