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Some Quick Math

Two points of departure: the low end estimates for the number of bodies that will be unearthed in Iraq's mass graves is 300,000; Saddam Hussein rose to power in Iraq in 1979. And an assumption: those bodies in the mass graves arrived there during Saddam's rule.

300,000 bodies in 24 years, which averages out to 12,500 a year; at 365.25 days per year, that means a little more than 34 dead every day--and I don't think that total includes the thousands of Kurds gassed to death or the millions killed in Saddam's wars.

So when one of the idiots says "we should have done it different; we needed to give the inspectors more time; we needed the UN on board", they are, in effect, sanctioning the murders by Saddam of an additional 10,000 Iraqis (if you figure the killing stopped when we overran Baghdad).

If memory serves, our allies did not ever raise a hue and cry about the dead; nor did the inspectors ever make an effort to establish the violence of the regime; nor did the UN ever do a damn thing about the systematic obliteration of the Iraqi people.

Next time you engage one of the dim ones, ask them which 10,000 Iraqis they are content condemning to torture and death in the interest of "international cooperation."

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