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On a Personal Note

Not much interested in politics today--my daughter turned eight.

She is my oldest, and is like the sunshine in my world. It is really amazing how quickly little girls get inside a father's heart and just sit there, forever occupying all its space.

And, of course, they throw out of the heart the side effect of sheer terror! See, an eight year old acts like a little girl still, but is capable of remarkable leaps of intuition which let you see what their future will be like, and, unfortunately, looks suddenly older than they did a week ago. It doesn't help that my girl is in dance, and is quite good at it; her enthusiasm for some of the movements is, well, to a father, distressing. In another three years those same movements are going to have little boys stopping in their tracks and staring at her like, well, I did at their age. Luckily, she is starting to show interest in joining me in Taekwon-Do. I can't do anything about her growing up, and I can't change the nature of boys, but I sure as heck can give her the means to "discourage" the idiots out there.

And if you don't think fatherhood changes your politics, you are either deliberately naive or hopelessly guilty. Would I rather have Kofi Annan as my daughter's protector, or George W. Bush? This is a no-brainer, and I am stunned that anybody would side the other direction. Of course, they do; and many of those people buried their children after Sept 11.

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