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More on Gay Marriage

My wife, who has a much stronger dose of common sense than I, put the gay marriage debate in sharp terms for me tonight. Before we had children, the gay lifestyle was barely an anomaly to us, much less a problem. In fact, we have someone very close to us who is gay, and my wife lived with her before we were married, and she lived with us for a while to get through a rough patch. And her lifestyle was nothing to us early, and more recently--after two children--it was difficult. There are some questions that you just don't want to answer to an 8 year old, much less pretend that everything about it is normal.

I guess it's not enough for the gay left that it's part of the mainstream culture now; and it's not enough that acceptance of gays is expected, rather than questioned. No, now we have to have access to every single facet of life which the other 96% enjoy, regardless of the logical basis for it.

By the way, in what way is marriage a fundamental right? It seems to me to be a priviledge. Some days more than others. . .

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