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More Fun

Just when you thought it would be all John Kerry, all the time for the next 8 months, tonight happens. By only managing to beat John Edwards by 40-35, Kerry missed the chance to slam the door on the nomination. This means John Edwards contesting this thing until probably March 9th, with four southern primaries on that day,and very likely a bit of a nasty campaign left. I think Edwards really does think he can win a head-to-head; based on tonight's speeches, I'd bet on it. John Kerry gives a speech that even Chris Mathews calls "hum-drum, or worse"; and John Edwards delivers a line that even got me laughing--Wisconsin sent a message: objects in the mirror may be closer than they appear."

Add to that the word that Ralph Nader may jump in to this thing, and I'm getting a little optimistic. It may not be the "Perfect Storm" I wrote about months ago, but it's a pretty good gully-washer.

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