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Mel Gibson

For the first time in a while, I watched Jay Leno last night to see his interview with Mel Gibson.

Gibson struck me as an almost manic figure at this point. Not out of control or unbalanced (like Robin Williams), just a person consumed with a passion for a project who has been caught completely offguard by continually having to defend himself from hateful personal and artistic attacks. The money line, when asked about his response to his "critics": I try to turn from the point to work to love them--that's the message of the whole movie (not a verbatim quote).

Leno, for his part, was surprisingly respectful. At the end he thanked Gibson for his commitment to his vision, and seemed truly sympathetic to Gibson's plight. And not that that is surprising for Leno--I have no way of knowing if this is typical for him or not. I suppose its just strange to see a media figure treat a devout Christian with respect in public for taking a very publicly religious stand.

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