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How To Describe. . . ?

My wife only watches the Super Bowl with me for two reasons: the commercials and the halftime show. So, as good as the actual game was, she came away from the whole spectacle disappointed today.

First of all, the commercials, while there were a few pretty funny ones (Bud Light and the Pepsi bear), were a bit below the normal Super Bowl standard. Not bad commercials--just nothing that anyone will be talking about around the water cooler tomorrow morning.

Of course, who will be talking about anything other than the halftime show. The Janet Jackson "Is it cold in here" moment notwithstanding (hey, you seen one, you seen 'em both), that halftime show had to be singularly the most excruciating "show" experience I can remember. The music was abominable, and if that's where dance is headed, my daughter is being pulled out of dance lessons tomorrow. Hugh used the word "tacky" to describe the performance, and I think that's spot-on. I can't imagine the network folks were really happy about the whole thing (probably as happy as they were when the Cowboys (that organization renowned for its class in the late 90s) won with such class, grace and eloquence on live TV a few years ago), and anybody who really wanted to see that kind of show was probably tuned in to the Pay-per-View lingerie bowl.

Thank God it was decent--hell, that was a great!!--football game, or the embarrassment to the NFL and CBS would be complete. I hope to hear some official apologies on the morrow.

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