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A Good Point

My brother, who flies planes for the Navy, made a very good point this week in an e-mail exchange. Quote:"I don't really care what GWB did 30-plus years ago. But I do care
if he looks like a baffoon defending himself for those actions 30-plus years

Now, I wouldn't use the word 'buffoon', but there can be little doubt that the White House has really bungled the handling of all this and let the story stick around beyond the point where it would have done them any favors. And I think if public approval is starting to fade, it's because the White House has become slow-footed and has lost the initiative.

I would bet that most of the country is like my brother (he's just that kind of a guy): they don't particularly care what happened back then, but how you answer to it now is an indication of whether you learned anything back then or not, and whether you are sure enough of yourself and your own character to handle the pressures of the job. For the first time, this President has looked unequal to the task. And that's a problem.

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