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But. . .

One word in defense of the University of Colorado (not Barnett, not the athletic dept, etc): these guys are 18, adults, and wholly responsible for their own actions.

This is prompted by a TV interview one of the Regents gave tonight, in which she said (not verbatim) "we assumed they (the athletes) were supervised, that the coaches and staff had control of them. . ." That is not a coach's job.

Does that excuse actions taken within the team setting? No. NO. a million times NO! And to the extent that these actions are a part of the culture of the team, the team has to answer for it. But the coaches are not babysitters of 18-22 year old men living on their own, sometimes far from home. If the Regents end up blaming the team, and in effect absolving the individuals, this would be a criminal and laughable miscarriage.

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