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The Battle Is Joined

The President, for all intents and purposes, began his campaign tonight in front of the Republican Governors Association.

Says the President: "The other party's nomination battle is still playing out. The candidates are an interesting group, with diverse opinions: For tax cuts, and against them. For NAFTA, and against NAFTA. For the Patriot Act, and against the Patriot Act. In favor of liberating Iraq, and opposed to it. And that's just one senator from Massachusetts."

By comparison, says John Kerry: "We don't need a president who just says, 'Gentlemen, start your engines, we need a president who says, 'America, let's start our economy and put people back to work.' "

I like the comparison. Someone said on Fox tonight that the Dems have spent $27 million to attack Bush, with no rebuttal. Now the President's campaign is about to counterattack with four times that amount--nobody's ever seen this type of onslaught.

Kinda how the Taliban underestimated the US military's counterattack. Hmmm. Interesting how easily that analogy came to mind.

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