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And Another Thing

The dim ones have sidestepped for months the issue of Pres. Clinton (note the use of honorific--an etiquette lesson the dim ones should take) reaching the same conclusion about Iraq and WMDs. Again last night DeeDee Myers jumps around the issue by saying "but he never took us to war."

And, yeah, you're right, DeeDee, he never did. Even though he concluded that Iraq was a danger, possessed WMD's and signed legislation--actually, more like a resolution--calling for the end of the Saddam Hussein regime, President Clinton never did anything to bring about this change.

The fundamental difference between this President and those who have been and who wish to be President is that, given the same set of facts and conclusions, this President resolved to solve the problem. They want to lob missiles and give speeches and incorporate commissions; this President wants to solve problems.

This, I think, would be a persuasive line of argument, if the White House decided it wanted to actually join the battle. Maybe we'll see some of this on Sunday.

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