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A Word on the MoveOn.org Ad

I've heard only one pundit--Dennis Prager--make the real point at the crux of the offensiveness of this ad. Certainly the comparison, made many times before, of George W Bush to Adolf Hitler is silly. Simply pointing out the similarities between the war powers the two leaders assumed is the total depth of that argument, totally ignoring the fact that Hitler was on record (Mein Kampf ring any bells?) with his hatred of the Jews and his intent to purge the Germans of them.

But the real point--and, in fact, one which carries the most weight with liberals--is the INSENSITIVITY of the comparison. To compare the incarceration in a time of war of hundreds of people who were captured while shooting at American troops to the annihilation of six million Jews is both absurd and offensively trivializing of the scope of the Holocaust.

As Hugh Hewitt is fond of pointing out, once you go for the Hitler card, you're admitting the weakness of your argument. This has now become the stock and trade of the far left, further marginalizing that movement.

Oh, and, Howard Dean supporters, all.

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