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With a Grain of Salt

I just watched a portion of Greta Van Susterin's show in Fox, in which Monsoor Ijaz put forward the idea that the mullahs in Iran are cooperating with the US by pushing elements of al-Qaeda out of their country towards the Afghan-Pak border, where the US military is waiting to mop them up. In return, the US would drop its insistence on the end of the mullah's regime.

Boy, wouldn't that be nice. Of course, I'm finding that Mr. Ijaz has about the same track record for accuracy as Drudge or Debka, so. . . And I'm only partly convinced that al-Qaeda targets are worth selling out a freedom movement. Nonetheless, if he's right, then that would be a tribute to the efforts of this administration, and Sec Powell in particular, to work with another government to solve one of our problems.

Maybe I should rethink that. If two of the targets are Osama and Mullah Omar, than maybe it could be worth it. Of course, a free Iranian society would likely hand over the Mullah and OBL on its own. Well, what a quandary.

Damn. I'm afraid I'm starting to sound like John Kerry. Somebody stop me. . .

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