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Waiting for Godot

Gary Hart still hasn't decided whether he'll challenge Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell (R) for the Colorado Senate seat. I think I heard yesterday a poll (maybe it was 9News, if somebody can find it) that showed Campbell with a fairly comfortable margin. Given Hart's history of teasing the Democrat powers that be, my bet is that he'll stay out, and try to maintain his reputation as a strong international relations/defense guy who commands pretty nice speaking fees. That leaves the field empty of political experience.

Meanwhile, the contest for a challenger for Bob Beauprez's seat is a bit thin, with the leading contender a guy whose name was made by the Columbine investigation (deserved or not, the association with that event does not play well).

It might be a tough year for front range political activists looking for something to do. It's too early to say for sure, but I'm thinking most of the Colorado GOP efforts will need to be devoted to defending Marylin Musgrave's seat and finding a good replacement for Scott McInnis. How about it, guys? The 96-hour campaign headquarters in Grand Lake?

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