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So I Was Wrong

Yeah, I was off just a little bit on my predictions for the NH primary--maybe not so much as others, but still pretty far off.

What's really great about the whole thing, even though I was wrong, is that Clark is not dead. His third place finish is enough to convince the already delusion candidate that it is worth it to keep on fighting. Even Joe Leiberman has promised to keep going. That leaves five viable candidates--okay, that leaves John Kerry plus four VP wannabes--still going at it. In fact, with Al Sharpton's numbers still decent in South Carolina, and Denis Kicinich's pledge to stay in it all the way to the convention, that really leaves the field still rather full. Which, in the long run, means Kerry still has to share stage time in the debates with people of no stature. At least Dick Gephardt had the grace to recognize the inevitable.

As for next week and Gephardt, chew on this idea: Gephardt endorsed Kerry, guaranteeing a win in Missouri, plus the organized labor help in the steel belt. In return, Gephardt gets the nod for Veep--guess if he can't win Speaker he'll gladly settle for being handed Pres Pro-Tem.

Just a thought.

As for Kerry, he frightens me less and less as a candidate the more I see of him. Or, more specifically, the more I learn about him. Twice author of bills cutting the Intel budget by $1 bil, LT Gov to Michael Dukakis. . . I wonder how he voted on the Iraq Liberation Act? And every time he tries to explain voting for the war, but opposing it, then voting down the $87 bil for reconstruction, he takes on a cartoon aspect. Yeah, he doesn't really frighten me.

Though if him beeing the nominee means Ted Kennedy coming to Denver to campaign, that might cause me a little trepidation.

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