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On Paul O'Neill . . .

So, a man who was fired doesn't particularly care for the leadership style of the man who fired him. Really?

So, a man who was fired for opposing tax cuts wants to 'expose' his boss shortly after those tax cuts seems to be really doing the trick. Er. . .

So, a high level official gets fired and somehow manages to leave the building with thousands of pages of documents. ??

So the administration of the USA had a plan in place for the invasion of Iraq three years before actually going to war (and, coincidentally, eight years after being at war). Mon Deiu!! Of course, never mind that we probably have in place scenarios for the invasion of a dozen other hot spots around the world.

I don't think this means very much. Reagan's first Treasury Sec did the same sort of thing after being removed from the job. And the veracity of some of O'Neill's "evidence" has already been fairly thoroughly debunked (thanks to Powerline). The idea of investigating him doesn't seem to have any political upshot, but it could be kinda fun, I suppose.

Paul O'Neill needed his day in the sun. Great. I bet he'll be surprised at how quickly his newfound "friends" dump him after about a week. And the long-range effect will be negligible. Way to go, Paul--good idea.

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