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I spent the hours after the drubbing the Broncos got handed them by the Colts contemplating another stupidity of sports: the BCS.

I get that the bowls want their revenue, and the conferences want their revenue from the bowls. But seriously, how did the Humanitarian Bowl get a January date? And when some very good matchups and interesting games get buried in the frenzy of too many bowls on one day, it just seems so natural to try to do something more logical with this whole system.

Would it really be that hard to define the seven most prestigious bowls, and set up a three-round playoff system, culminating on January 3-5? The bowls wouldn't start until after finals, the bowls would continue to exist, and in many ways have their value increased, and the revenue stream would continue uninterrupted. The lesser bowls, which everybody knows are meaningless now, can carry on in their same meaningless way, with money for everybody. Why is this so hard?

After watching a devastating defense bottle up the high-powered Sooners three days after an explosive offense ran roughshod over the Wolverines, I would love nothing more than to see a LSU-USC game to settle the score.

Of course, there is a value to a split championship: the only National Title my Buffs lay claim to is a shared one with Georgia Tech, so. . .

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