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Howard Dean Then. . .

Jonathan has unearthed an interesting tidbit of a speech from responsible member of the Democratic Party. This member said that the war would be hard, and long, and we should answer the call of our generation like others before us. We'll call this responsible Democrat Howard Dean Then. Like the fiscal conservative Howard Dean Then who governed Vermont to balanced budgets during the economic boom of the 90's.

But, wait, which is the Howard Dean Then who so disregarded the Bible he knows so well to preside over the nation's first civil union law? Or, was the Howard Dean Then the one who doesn't want the election to be about "Guns, God, and Gays"? Or, maybe that was the pre-Now Howard Dean. Which leaves room for the Howard Dean Now that is a committed believer who prays daily.

Or is that Howard Dean Next?

All of which gives credence, in my opinion, to the idea that Howard Dean is running to the left for purely political calculus. Right now, in that Democratic Party, the only way to push the envelope and separate from the field is to go far afield. I doubt that will leave him the credibility to work his way back to the center come general election time.

Or, at least, it will geometrically increase the humor as he verbally contorts his way out of Howard Dean Then and Howard Dean pre-Now and all the others.

No wonder Al Gore endorsed him--this is the one candidacy that has the potential to erase the memories of his pathetic campaign.

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