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Good News Hitting Close to Home

I just got done looking through the mail (yeah, pretty long day). In today's mail was my Tax-Sheltered Annuity statement. And, lo and behold, my TSA gained over 9% in value last quarter. Well, after listened to the soundbytes from the Dem debate a couple days ago, imagine my surprise!! I was expecting to actually owe my TSA company, what with the loss of value the Dems have been going on about.

At some point, even the denser parts of the electorate are going to notice the disconnect between the rehetoric and the numbers in front of them. And with somewhat over 50% of Americans now invested in the stock market in some way, this message will get out far and wide.

If it is true that people vote their pocketbooks (and their portfolios), 2004 should be a very good year for the President.

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