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Godot Speaks. . .Sort of

Just days after I hypothesized that Gary Hart liked his current role and status too much to give it up for a Senate run against Ben Nighthorse Campbell, the good former Senator comes out of hiding to write two essays. The first one, for the Denver Post trying to make the case through old pabulum and historical fancy that for Dems to regain their stature they must fight against Caesar/Bush. And the second,in the Washington Post, saying we could have had the Libya thing taken care of if Bush the senior had taken my advice twelve years ago (never mind that there was a totally different administration in the intervening times that would have loved such a foreign policy coup). My own read is that the first article is pointless posturing and the second borders on Dean/Clark scale delusion--not any way to announce a run for Senate. Which just reinforces my opinion that he'll stay out.

Also in that edition of the Denver Post is an interesting essay by former Gov. Dick Lamm arguing that the Dem identity needs to be tied up in domestic social programs. And while he does his usual job of ticking off the old, he does have a few very salient points about Social Security reform and Dem beholdenness to their special interests.

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