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Give Me A Tall Ship. . .

I am very excited about the idea of the President pitching for a renewed space exploration program. When the electron was discovered, nobody had any idea what it could be used for; nowadays, I get to ramble on so anybody can read it only because of the electron. I don't know what's in space; I don't know if a colony on the moon is even feasible, much less useful. But I don't really care--the very idea of expanding our horizons will lead us to think bigger and to create a new sense of what people can accomplish.

And is it any coincidence that this President is the one to push for this? If nothing else, George W. Bush is a leader of boldness and vision. He has staked his Presidency on Iraq, with surprising positive results in Libya, Korea, and the Indian subcontinent. And this idea is the sort that Americans can rally around, and can inspire our idea of what we are like nothing since "Tear down this wall."

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