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Fly On The Wall

First, Howard Dean claims a (thin--anorexic, in fact) religious basis for his civil union support; then, late in the day I hear word of him turning down requests for interviews because his campaign staff won't let him. Coincidence?

Wouldn't you love to be at campaign headquarters every morning as the new reports of "what he said yesterday" come out? It must be deeply amusing to watch a team that has put together one of the more professional campaigns in recent memory try to deal with the least professional candidate anyone can imagine. Makes you think that this is a movement that was searching for a candidate and found Dean, rather than Dean being the serious impetus behind this--seriously, anybody this undisciplined has absolutely zero chance of putting together this organization.

Putting aside the obvious and easy dissection of the scientific premise for his claim, the best analysis I've seen of the "tin ear" aspect of this comes from Hugh Hewitt (no surprise). This is the sort of arrogance that kills candidates. Americans like swagger; they despise conceit, and claiming to know the mind of God is the ultimate conceit.

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