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Fish In A Barrel

At this rate, the President can just start transferring his campaign stash out to Senate candidates. One day after pulling ahead of John Kerry for the first time, Wesley Clark goes and jumps on the same rhetorical limb Howard the Duck (with a nod to Jonathan) has been living on all these weeks.

What is it with these guys? I'm actually starting to feel bad for Joe Leiberman--not only does he have to share the stage in this incessant stream of "debates" (with a generous definition of the term) with the likes of Kucinich, Braun, and Sharpton, but then two of the serious candidates start sounding like Raelians (did I spell that right?). And, of course, with John Kerry almost always sounding like a Raelian, it really makes you wonder about the demise of this party.

Leiberman's got to feel like the guy who scores tickets to the Super Bowl but gets caught in a StarCon crowd and can't find his way out.

Which leads me to another line of thought: let's start identifying the Dem candidates with villians from SciFi. I'll start: Dennis Kucinich as the Ric Moranis Darth Vader from "Spaceballs: The Movie."

You know, it was inevitable that this late-night posting would unbalance me eventually.

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