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Final Thoughts on the State of the Union

I heard one of the pundits last night ask "Did the President hit a home run?" Clearly, I think, the answer is no.

However, I don't believe he needed to hit a home run. To beat the baseball metaphor to death (which I love to do) it's still very early in the game--say, the third inning. And if the polls mean anything, he's got a lead of two or three runs. With Saddam in the bag and the economy upticking, he's got a couple runners on base. All he really needed to do was make solid contact--hit the ball hard somewhere and let the runners begin. Besides, with Terry McAuliff and Howard Dean and Wesley Clark in the outfield, all he's really got to do is put the ball in play and let the circus begin. And that, he did--a hard-hit gap double that should bring two runs around. Not enough to close the deal, but enough to rest the bullpen for awhile.

Not that those of us in Colorado have seen a bullpen resting in recent years. . .

But back to the point: President Bush's performance Tuesday night was enough to do the job that needed doing at this stage in the game. Not to mention that he took the cameras off the Dems for a while, and they obliged by putting the perpetually surprised Nancy Pilosi and the cartoon scary (with a nod to Hugh) Tom Daschle.

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