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Beaten to the Punch

I watched most of the debate tonight (a Double Gulp of Mountain Dew at hand), and not much stood out to me. Kerry was adequate, Leiberman looks like a strong man searching for a party, Clark is slick and slippery, Edwards is in a little over his head, and Dean. . .

Dean lost his chance to resurrect his campaign. As Hugh laid out, he had one chance to embrace his Iowa meltdown and make it go away, and he failed to do so. Besides which, he still showed a little imbalance. I had many good analogies at hand, but Hindrocket beat me to the punch, so I suggest you look his way.

Edwards suggested we need to talk more about the voters and the people out there, and he painted a pretty bleak picture. I don't see it, and I think most Americans are starting to be more optimistic. I think they, as a whole, begin to paint themselves into a corner as pessimistic and out of touch if they fail to acknowledge the things that are starting to go well. Nobody denies that we've just come through a tough time, but it's tough to look at the Index of Leading Economic Indicators, the Stock Market, or the actions of the Fed lately and conclude that the picture is bleak. Continuing to talk as if it were starts to sound naggy--like your dear old aunt who's afraid of everything and doesn't want you to play outside because you might put your eye out.

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