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So, Howard Dean has announced that he is going to start talking about God on the stump.

That would be like Mike Shanahan announcing that he is going to start talking about the arm strength of his quarterback. You suspect that he gives it a some thought; you wonder if it's crucial to his thought process; you know that it effects certain points of execution.

But why announce that you're going to start talking about it? After previously announcing his distaste for the subject, don't you have to think that it's not much more than a ploy? If Shanahan started talking about the QB's arm, I'm sure Denver's opponents would do nothing but start to study game film to find the weakness Shanahan was trying to hide.

And so, I'm hoping that several good journalists have already started the search for past quotes from Howard Dean (studying film) searching for prior instances as Governor or Representative when he spoke out about church/state or his own religious heritage (and bike paths). Somewhere in there is bound to be a weakness.

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