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In Defense of a Global Strategy

A lot of conservatives are very critical of Secretary of State Colin Powell--I am not (by the way, a discussion of just what constitutes a "conservative" is coming in the new year). I tend to have enough respect for the American military--and for its leadership during the times that he rose to prominence--to think that someone who rose to the heights that Gen. Powell only did so on great merit. His recognition of the role affirmative action played in his rise does not diminish the fact that, when given the opportunity, he performed admirably and he did play a big role in a major military victory. And his role in the administration--while an obvious dartboard for neocons--is properly played: I want a SecState who thinks diplomatically first, and advises the President accordingly. Again, when called upon to make the case to the U.N. Powell performed admirably for the administration.

So I was very interested to read Sec. Powell's defense of the President's global vision, courtesy of Real Clear Politics. I have not had the time today to fully dissect this lengthy essay, but I would say again that Powell is doing his level best to perform admirably for the administration. And, perhaps, he articulates the case better than its been made so far--even by the President.

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