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In and of themselves, many of the Dems early musings about Saddam Hussein and his WMD program are fairly innocuous. But Laurie Mylroie, via Powerline has compiled an overwhelming string of statements on the WMDs from Dems. Worth the read, if for no other reason than the volume of such statements.

Makes you wonder if anybody who is serious can possibly vote for a Democrat. I think the big point that they would make is that "we were all working on bad intelligence--what makes it wrong is that this President put Americans in the line of fire." In other words, yeah, we all thought the same thing--we're just ticked that you actually bothered to do something about it. Its not the thinking that makes the error, its the action that's really the problem.

Unfortunately for them, in the post 9/11 world, most serious people would prefer that their leaders act when they have concluded that a threat is out there. To not act once you have adopted the thinking is unforgivable for a leader--a real leader.

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