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Open Letter to Senator John McCain 

Dear Senator McCain:

I am writing you today to encourage you to oppose ANY health care reform package that comes to the floor of the U.S. Senate.

Why am I, a resident of Colorado, writing to you, the senior Senator from Arizona? For two reasons: one, as the most recent nominee of the Republican Party for President, you are in many respects the de facto leader of the Republican Party; and two, thanks in no small part to the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act, both Senate seats from Colorado have been bought for the Democratic Party, so I have no effective representation from my own state.

What has become clear to me, if not to you who dwell in the halls of Congress, is that the Democrats will maneuver in any manner that they feel necessary to get control of the health care system in the United States. Starting with the back room dealings in the summer, to the breaking of the transparency pledge by the President, to the complete disregard for the budget caps the President has called for, it seems apparent that the Democratic leadership feels that they can ram a government-run system down the throats of the American people with complete impunity. Thus, ANY bill that comes off the floor of the U.S. Senate--no matter how balanced or bipartisan or smart--will get into the reconciliation process and be cannibalized and mutated into the largest Socialist endeavor in the history of the United States. I urge you to work to block or defeat any measure that Sen. Reid brings to the floor, and to exert whatever influence you have with the moderates in the GOP to deny the Democratic Leadership the facade they need to foist this scam upon the American people.

In fact, I would encourage you to use some of your famous good press relations and "plain talk" to get out in front of the American public as often as possible and call this what it is: the most blatant grab for power in the history of the United States. If anything that even vaguely resembles the House version emerges from conference committee, the Executive Branch will have control over huge parts of the financial sector, huge parts of the automotive industry, and ultimately all of the health care sector. I don't know the exact portion of the total economy that represents, but I'm fairly certain it is a vastly greater number than either James Madison or Alexander Hamilton envisioned, or which Ronald Reagan would have tolerated. On top of that, if you consider the mounds of debt we're passing on to our children and natural curb on growth that these bureaucratic messes impose, this seems to be a formula for a near-permanent recession.

You have spent your entire life in service to your country, and for that I thank and honor you. Please use your well-earned universal respect to fight to preserve what is left of the American way of life, and block this reform.


Arvada, CO

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