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This Is SOOO Great! 

President Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. I really think this is important . . . because the world can't possibly do more to express its value of style and intent over actual accomplishment. It could be transformational.

Think about all the Hope this award gives to people all over the world who have no Hope right now of actually accomplishing anything in their lives!

I think next year the Nobel committee should give the Physics Award to Gene Roddenberry. Those replicator machines in the Star Trek series are sooo cool. Imagine, if it ever actually works, how many millions of people around the world we could feed without having to slaughter a single retarded baby cow! I mean . . sure, he never actually built one, and the technology to make it work is WAY beyond anything we have right now. But, really, so what? The idea is so cool! And there were times that Star Trek was just brilliant!

Or, why should we confine ourselves to Nobel Prizes? Let's do this for EVERYTHING of any importance at all. Like, I think the Super Bowl Trophy for this year should be awarded to the Oakland Raiders. Sure, they probably aren't quite as good as their 0-4 record would indicate, but does that really matter? "Just Win, Baby!" is a GREAT SLOGAN! And who else has done so much to bring in people who have failed in their personal endeavors and given them second chances the way the Raiders always have? And, really, what other team can you think of that is so generous in how it constantly gives the football BACK to its opponents? When their coach isn't busy beating up his assistants, he is really eloquent talking about someday aspiring to try to do what it takes to give his team a chance to Intend to win a game. I find them truly inspirational! They really deserve the Super Bowl Trophy so sports teams everywhere can start to believe that winning isn't really important and that they have valuable contributions to make without showing any semblance of talent, skill or dedication.

Oh, if only we had more awards that operated under the same stringent guidelines as the Nobel Peace Prize . . . The world could truly be a more Hopeful place.

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