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More Thoughts on The Supreme Court

I've been thinking a lot today about the politics of the Supreme Court nomination. Now that it's a reality, I've kinda been wondering about the White House game plan.

In particular, I've been wondering--and have, over the past several months been very critical--about the White House public relations machine. In particular, when you consider the way Condi Rice was treated, when you look at the original judicial confirmation fiasco, Social Security reform, and then with the case of John Bolton, you see a White House that is not directly, or at least not EFFECTIVELY engaging the opposition.

So here's my speculation: I think (hope) the White House has been deliberately dialing down its game in anticipation of this battle. I think (hope) that the administration has tried to keep all of its politial cards close at hand, which is why there's been so little movement on these issues. In that way, when the inevitable slew of slander and mischaracterizations begin to fly, when the White House answers it will have more force. And if they're successful, I think (hope) that the White House expects that success to translate into greater clout to push on the other issues.

And if you're going to fight a battle, why not make it one worthy of victory? That is why I think the President will come right out and nominate a solid Conservate; one that has both the trust of the President and the right outlook on the Constitution; and one that will be easy to defend, even though the other side's machine is fully deployed. All the talk of nominating another moderate to fill O'Connor's shoes is just plain silly,especially when you consider that Pres. Clinton replace Byron White, a moderate, with Ruth Bader Ginsburg, staunch liberal, who at the time of her nomination had already ruled against the boy scouts and against parental notification. (that thought courtesy Powerline.) Which is why I expect that the President will nominate either Emilio Garza, John Roberts, or Michael McConnell.

Of course, keep in mind out there that I KNOW NOTHING, and I have no sources and I literally do write my blog in my pajamas.

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